Want to Avoid Faded Outdoor Teak? 3 Actions to Preserve the Honey-Coloured Appeal of Teak Furniture

Outdoor teak furniture is highly resilient thanks to its quality and exterior friendliness. The naturally oily and dense nature of teak offers it protection from weather elements and pests. The oil prevents water from soaking into the wood, which means that teak furniture can endure rainy and windy conditions with ease. While new teak wood produces a honey colour, it fades and develops a greyish finish over time. This cosmetic change doesn't affect wood strength. [Read More]

Simple Reminders When Choosing Timber Furniture

Timber furniture is a great choice for any home as it is timeless and classic and can be mixed with modern décor to break up the look of glass and metals and can also add a certain warmth to a traditional style room. When you're ready to choose timber furniture, you need to know what to look for and how it might change over the years, so you're sure you'll be happy with the pieces for years to come. [Read More]

3 Situations When Super Glue Should Not Be Used During DIY Cabinet Making

The strong bond created when you use super glue during cabinet making can lead you to think that it can work well in every situation. However, there are some situations when super glue is not the ideal adhesive to use. This article discusses three situations when it would not be wise to use super glue as you make a storage cabinet for your kitchen. Veneer Repair The veneer on a piece of timber that you are using may have become detached as you cut it to size during the DIY cabinet-making project. [Read More]

Important Tips for Choosing Café Chairs and Other Furniture

The furniture in your restaurant isn't just functional, but it helps to set the tone of the area and can contribute to your café's overall look and feeling; the pieces you choose can make the space seem fun and informal or modern and chic. While you want to choose café chairs and furniture that look good and will be durable, you also want your space to be comfortable. Note a few important tips for choosing café pieces so you are happy with them for years to come. [Read More]